La Maison du Soft Perfume. A truly new ritual of perfuming and well being. A skincare perfume in a solid stick form with natural ingredients offering a thousand virtues, without alcohol or parabens.

The Soft Perfumes Solides offer a new, sensual and elegant method of applying perfume to your skin. A new perfume ritual that creates well-being and is good for both the skin and the soul
They invite you to get back in touch with yourself; they are both delicate and generous, as well as revolutionary, allowing you to apply perfume how you like, when you like. 
Soft Perfumes dance onto the skin, gliding delightfully onto the same areas as a classic perfume, but also onto pressure points, such as the temples, the neck, the wrists, behind the knees – wherever you wish. 

Applying them is a ritual, a way of getting back in touch with yourself, caressing yourself with perfume and creating a trail of perfume on your skin, our way. 
They are a delicious nectar that you will never tire of; an addiction, a lucky charm, a perfume just for you. 

As for it, the Soft Perfume Liquide remains on the vaporization gesture but also offers and for the first time, a high concentration in an alcohol and surfactant-free perfume. If it is not a new gesture, it is a true new composition offering a gesture of applying perfume very respectful of the skin.

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